PayPal broken

For purchases made through stores that accept PayPal, it appears that one can no longer choose a payment method.  I've tried to make purchases from two different vendors since last night and in both cases the Payment Method is forced to be "Available Funding Sources", which means that funds will always come out of my bank account (with no option to select a credit card).  The only way I could get PayPal to pay with a credit card would be to remove my bank account, or force PayPal to cause my bank account balance to generate a NSF -- thereby forcing a credit card transaction so PayPal could obtain their payment.

WTF?  Is anyone seeing this behavior as well?

signature guarantee acquired

Yesterday I opened up a savings account with $10.

Today I enter the bank...

Bank: How can I help you?
Me: I'd like to get a Medallion Signature Guarantee.
Bank: Are you a customer?
Me: Yes
Bank: Do you have an ID?
Me: *shows ID*
Bank: *looks up my account*
Bank: You opened up your account yesterday?
Me: Yes
Bank: *applies Medallion Signature Guarantee*

I think she was ever so slightly suspicious of the transaction.
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Moronic systems

For a particularly complex stock transaction that I've been working on for some time, the SEC requires the transaction be Medallion Signature Guaranteed -- think of it as one step up from a notary public, with the main catch being that the organization that is doing the authenticity checking of my signature is liable for the financial value of the transaction resulting from that signature, if the signature is forged. All parties that participate in the Medallion programs have insurance to cover fraudulent transactions.

So in theory, I should be able to call up a local bank (I have all my financial accounts with businesses that lack Boston offices); ask them for a Medallion Signature Guarantee; pay them some money; show them a whole bunch of IDs; have them fill out some paperwork, and then put a magical stamp on the same piece of paper as my signature. That would seem to make the most sense.

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digital rights in the free world

It's been a long time since I've posted. Below is a rather technical and rambly post about how I'm now able to make perfect digital recordings from my Comcast high definition cable box using free software, as well over-the-air high definition (once I swap out my old tuner for a new one), and how the happiness that has resulted can be destroyed by The Powers at any moment in the future. I ramble a bit about watermarks too, and how it seems like watermarks would be a nice compromise such that fair use rights could be enjoyed, while giving a level of assurance to the Entertainment Industry that they can track down those who illegally share their content.

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