Paul Fisher (rao) wrote,
Paul Fisher

How do some people sleep at night?

SCOX had a huge opening gap up this morning. Today's high is currently 8.04 for a stock that had a previous 52-week high of 4.86.

Mr. Softee can't buy SCO -- owning Unix would have just a few antitrust concerns. They want to fund SCO's efforts to destroy Linux (and free software in general), but why simply fund SCO, when you can license the Unix source code and patents in the process? Microsoft comes out of this licensing arrangement looking like a model citizen in the software world, while the free software community looks like a vagrant pickpocket.

The SCO vs. IBM lawsuit is expected to go to trial in two to three years. The SCO FUD isn't going away anytime soon -- unless they get bought -- which is exactly what they want to happen.

Red Hat posted a short letter to their customers regarding the SCO situation. It's worth reading.
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