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PayPal broken

For purchases made through stores that accept PayPal, it appears that one can no longer choose a payment method.  I've tried to make purchases from two different vendors since last night and in both cases the Payment Method is forced to be "Available Funding Sources", which means that funds will always come out of my bank account (with no option to select a credit card).  The only way I could get PayPal to pay with a credit card would be to remove my bank account, or force PayPal to cause my bank account balance to generate a NSF -- thereby forcing a credit card transaction so PayPal could obtain their payment.

WTF?  Is anyone seeing this behavior as well?
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You and Misty are twins I swear!

Sometimes that happens to me with Paypal. I've learned to accept it. It seems like only certain online stores do that. *shrug*

Maybe become less of a consumer? Haha.. fffty!
People do often think we're brother and sister. I'm always tempted to turn around and give him a big ol' kiss when they ask. ;)
Then they will really know you are from North Carolina! Haha.. sorry you walked into it. :P
I think I had this problem with a random merchant last month. Seem to remember that logging out from paypal let me select credit cards as a payment method.
weird, i just had an incident with paypal, but it was a good one. someone was trying to purchase something on my account and they called me to make sure it was me. however, they were a little lax taking it off my card, so it was kinda suck to $500 missing for a week. wow, i'm actually posting something on livejournal. :)