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rao's Journal

Paul Fisher
3 September 1977
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living in berkeley again. former fsf systems administrator and programmer. gnu classpath co-founder, and former maintainer.
acc, aclu, altered states, amazon, animaniacs, appalachia, arc, automation, b5, bars, bart, beauty, beer, berkeley, bert and ernie, c, california, calistoga lemonade, catt, cisco, civil liberties, classpath, cnbc, coca-cola, continuations, cooper's bbq, cramer, cream cheese wontons, demos, douglas adams, down comforters, drunken bowling, dvds, ebert, eff, emacs, email, encryption, exim, free software, freedom, friends, fsf, fun, geeks, ghirardelli, gnu, gnu/linux, gnus, gpg, gsm, hacking, hans zimmer, happiness, hdtv, intelligent agents, jim henson, kinks, krispy kreme, lambda, languages, laserdiscs, learning, libertarianism, life, linux, lisp, looney toons, love, lucky charms, lust, maker's mark, markets, morphine, movies, mozilla, mp3s, muppets, music, nature, ncsu, nerds candy, networks, north carolina, npr, oceans, oggs, open-mindedness, outdoors, pachinko, parks, parrot, pasta, peer to peer, perrier, phantasy star, pinball, pink floyd, pinky and the brain, politics, porn, powerpuff girls, privacy, ps2, psychology, pta, public transit, python, railroads, ramen, realmoney, red bull, red hat, reduced carbon, rhiannonstone, road trips, rock and roll, rpgs, rush, san francisco, scharffen berger, scheme, sensory experience, sex, sleeping, sms, snmp, sony, sushi, sweet tea, systems, t, tarantino, the earth, the nudes, the simpsons, thinkpads, thomas kemper root beer, toys, trees, uncle wiggly, unix, usenix, waffle house, wile e. coyote, willy wonka, wine, wireless, wolfpack rolls, women